Xtire Franchise was created in October of 2013 and nowadays has more than 100 franchised units all over Brazil. Since June of 2014 it’s associated to ABF – Brazilian Franchising Association.

“We’re on the sixth month of operation, several challenges during this process and we’re pleased with our result. We’ve grown 50% a month, which is great, considering our national economy scenario. We know success it’s a result of much effort and work, so we are full-time dedicated to the commitment of complying with our goals. We have being dealing with all kinds of companies and we believe in the potential and growing acceptance of Xtire’s products on the market, Marcelo Lima, franchisee based in São Paulo.”


Rua Sérgio Tomás, 550 - Bom Retiro
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
CEP: 01131-010

+55 11 2386-9037 / 11 95051-0020